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IELTS by AMIR Dr. Amir Rooholamin دکتر امیر روح الامین

۲ ماه پیش
Hey there! It’s me again. A follow up. On my earlier lesson, a short one, on band descriptors, I talked about the range. The wider the range of the words, the better. And now, I'm going to tell you about mistakes in terms of vocabulary. You know what? you guys must have heard of this, which is absolutely right. You will go to any length to throw in high-level words, use less commonly-used phrases and words and all that. It all figures. Yeah, if you take a look at the band descriptor, it says you are expected to use less commonly used phrases and all that, but… here is a big but, what if you are not comfortable using them? I mean sometimes I got a feeling like a student of mine just so happens to do anything in his or her power to fit that in, and it doesn't really work. It seems like you're stepping out of your comfort zone. You're not comfortable. Remember! The band descriptor, level 7 or band 7, it says you use words precisely and flexibly. So, for as long as you got a feeling like I'm not comfortable using the word for some reason, stay away from it. Stay clear all of it. OK? So, for instance, you might want to use the word “bond”, the one which I often recommend as well, I don't want to say I'm close to someone. I'm going to use the word “bond”, which is perfectly OK, but you got a feeling like you're not comfortable using it, stay away from it. If you know how to use it, like you can say, “I share an amazing bond with my mom” yeah that's great, but if you keep hesitating, you know like “mmmmm…. Uhhhhh” well this definitely pulls down your fluency score, and you get an old mixed up so your vocab is also hurt.