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پخش زنده جام جهانی ۲۰۲۲ قطر

IELTS by AMIR Dr. Amir Rooholamin دکتر امیر روح الامین

۱ سال پیش
Hey guys! onto the same topic, the weather, this time the weather is cold. It's cold outside. Now, what words or high-level band-9 vocab you can possibly push while speaking on IELTS; you can say “it’s freezing, it’s frigid”, right? “It's bitterly cold outside.” “Well, I love it when it is cold outside, especially when the entire ground is covered with snow. I can go… I don't know, playing in the snow”, or for instance, you can say, “build a snowman”, right? or “cozying up the fire, huddling around the fire, that's great to snuggle up inside”. I mean you “stick around in your apartment” like you can’t go out, but you can do, you know, 1001 things, right? For instance, you might tell your examiner that “catching up with things that you failed to do or you've always been wanting to do would be a welcome pastime.” I might say, for instance, “I'm having a hot cup of Joe when it is very very cold outside; I love sitting around the fire or huddling around the fire or cozying up by the fire, interacting with my parents, you know, or better to say catching up with my parents and over that hot cup of Joe, I get to talk to my parents and I love it.” Or you might say for instance, “uhm I might pull up a chair at the side bar café”, right? “Having a cup of Joe”, or for instance “sticking around in my apartment” and “brewing up a hot, for instance, batch of seasonal drink”, right? What could be better than that? I guess that's awesome.” So, what I am basically trying to do is to use high level words that you can hopefully throw in to talk about what you can do when it is very cold outside.