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پخش زنده جام جهانی ۲۰۲۲ قطر


۱ سال پیش
Hey guys! I'd rather talk a little bit about a topic which often comes up on IELTS; the weather. But most students often run out of ideas. They are at a huge loss for words and all that; I mean they often say, “it’s very, hot it's very cold” and all that. I guess it's an area where you can push some high-level, high scoring words and phrases. So, I would like you to pay attention to my way of saying. I would say, for instance, “I will love it when it is summary” and by the way summary is positively evaluated word; It doesn’t mean it's really hot; it's pleasantly warm. So, anyway let's do it all over again. I would say, “it's summary; I filled a brisk air on my skin; I feel like the whole world is telling me to go outside and enjoy the sunshine; being out in the Sun is a wow really, right? and the icing on the cake would be like having breakfast on the balcony; I love it!”