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IELTS by AMIR Dr. Amir Rooholamin دکتر امیر روح الامین

۲ ماه پیش
Hey there! Are you a technophile or a technophobe? well... you might decide to say neither. If you are neither a total technophile nor a total technophobe admit it. Right? you can use either of the phrase that I'm gonna help you with. You can say for instance a little bit of both or use the word I just used like neither nor I neither this nor that or you can probably say I don't know where I stand. I do not fall into this category or I don't think I really fit into that category either. I'm somewhere in between. So can say I am somewhere in between or you can say I fall somewhere in between. so you can use either of these phrases when you are not 100% either of the two sides that's it ....